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Every boy have a secret. One of them is bones!

Pizz aGame is an upcomign visual novel otome game. What is otome game? It is game where you date boys in it, but in a girly way not like Fire Embalm Awakening. Date 5 different boys 4 different boys and some other ones. From silly to sirius, they are a variety of personality type, but the one thing that ties them all togeterh is that they are love of pizza. Actually some of the character never mention pizza now that I think about it oops

Screeneshoot showing piZZa Game dialoges.

❤ Heartwrench Story ❤

It's not easy being Kiane. Fresh out of schoolversity, she has to prove to her High Standards Mom that she can make it at big tech company assistign the famously standoffish CEO MR. ARIMNAESe. Strugglign on the job by day and working towardsher driver license at night, Kiane meets many new friend on her journey who help her realise that what counts at the end of the day isn't how much money you make, but what on the inside also there is a serial killer.

❤ Featreues ❤

❤ Press Kit ❤

I dotn know how to make a press kit but here are some EXAMPLE of things you can put in yuor pizzA game article to get lots of readerson your gaming journalism wobsite.

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