The newewst membployee of The Big Micrososfit, Flordaddle's #1 computer compan y. In order to improud her mom, she always trygign to work on her best, but quickly develops a crush on her boss Mr. Arimane. Thankfully, with her trusty thougt bubble Inner KIane, no task is too always up to the task. Avid reader of romance novel and boy bands.

Mr. Arimnaes

Handsome CEO's Weekly voted him Man of the Yaer three weeks in a row. Mr.l Arimnaes may act like a hard shell, but he can be a sweethearte provided your networth is in the top 5% of Flordaddle. He favorite flavor of pizza is (alert: boring) pepperonis. Can you charm your way into the Mr. Arimnaes heart? Or will you do one of the other routes???

Mr. Arimanes
Mr. Arimanes wait no I mean Chris


Owner of the local cafe, he is try very hard to have a thriving local business. But onbenownest to Kiane et al. (2003), Chris is actualy hide a very dark secret and a dark secreter backstory. Kiane deteremined to help Chris learn all the regular human people things he never learned in his childhood by helping him preprae for big poetry slam.


Kianes teacher of driving class on night times at the community senter. Sensie loves jokes and all forms of learn in the classorme. Ever since his big lsos in the Flordaddle Bobsledding tourneyment, Sesnie has been distant from his twin brother who is two years older than him. Now it up to Kiane to help sEnsei throuw the best Family Reuniong ever.

Warp Lam p


Local bully and Kiane's driver ed classemate. Warp Hamp happens to be the is the baddest dude in Flordaddle. Whether at the skate board or in the court room, Warp Lamp is always keep cool and strike fear in the heart of those enemies. Jack of all trades and master of all trades, Warpe dLamp still finds time to give unwarranted life advice.


The proud owner of the tOwn Pizza, Flordaddle's #1 pizza joint. Keenoonle asks for Kiane's help after a mixup with murder case threatens to close the pizzastablishment, in exchange for tickets to the upcomign concert of boy band Secret Flower. Only by getting a second job at the Town PIzzqa can Kiane find oot who he really is.

Johnny the ROMEMATE


Kiane's ANNOYGIN romemate at her home at apartment. I hate you johnny

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